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I’ve Gotta Backblog

There is the possibility that I’m the worst blogger in the world. Luckily, this blog is pretty much for me. *sigh* So I this summer we planted our garden and toiled for hours to make sure everything was right. Then … Continue reading

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The Secret Garden

Every since I watched The Secret Garden years ago I have wanted one.  Dreamed of one.  I never thought I’d have one.  Since May though the Man and I have been working on our garden area and transforming it.  We’ve … Continue reading

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Good-bye Roosters…

I must admit – I was a little dubious that spring was ever going to actually make an arrival.  We’d have a day of +12.  Then snow the next day.  It was entirely frustrating.  But YES! It HAS arrived!  *happy … Continue reading

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Catching up…

**I had this post privated.  Originally it was posted October 10, 2011.  It was there to serve as a reminder of all the blogging I had to catch up on.  But I never did.  Winter has come and gone.  Instead … Continue reading

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Damn You Craigslist!!!….and..uh..CHICKENS!

It was a quiet morning around here.  Daddy and Aurora were having a nap and Quinn wanted to watch a movie.  So what’s a mommy to do?  Why check out Craigslist of course!  Now in truth I was checking out … Continue reading

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A Fine Day Out

Yesterday my Love and I stopped in at Nana’s with the kids for a visit.  The visit was a mixed blessing.  First, Nana had made some life decisions and was going through things that symbolized the end of a very … Continue reading

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The Chicken Shack

So, the Man and I have been contemplating getting chickens (aka, the Ladies) for some time now that we have room for them.  We’ve been walking around the yard measuring things out and sizing things up. We finally went out … Continue reading

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Incense, Snatum Kuar, and Baby Steps…

It’s chilly out today.  Rain isn’t really falling so much as it’s a very wet mist.  Inside though is mellow and comfy.  My three wicked pheylonian candle is burning.  Snatum Kuar is singing in the background and my incense is … Continue reading

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Being blissful even when life isn’t so blissful…

I had to wonder at the timing of it all – life was so….blissful.  The reason for all of this.  The small things that fill me full of wonder on a seemingly daily basis where we live.  I thought I … Continue reading

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