Incense, Snatum Kuar, and Baby Steps…

It’s chilly out today.  Rain isn’t really falling so much as it’s a very wet mist.  Inside though is mellow and comfy.  My three wicked pheylonian candle is burning.  Snatum Kuar is singing in the background and my incense is scenting the air.  Although Mr.Q and Miss Aurora started off the day rather whiney and rammy even they’ve calmed down and Lexi and Piddy the cat are no longer chasing each other around the living room.

For a nice surprise this morning I was walking with Aurora holding my hands.  Quinn had a balloon and when she let go of my hands she kept on walking towards him.  Not even a toddle.  Foot after foot, steady and strong.  At 13 months she’s pretty much got it.  I was so proud.  Later on we tried walking side by side with her just holding my right hand.  Quinn said “Look!  It looks just like you are walking down the street!” I was so excited I could have burst 😀

This is bliss.

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