A Fine Day Out

Yesterday my Love and I stopped in at Nana’s with the kids for a visit.  The visit was a mixed blessing.  First, Nana had made some life decisions and was going through things that symbolized the end of a very dear part of her life.  This made me weepy as we looked at some of the things.  I thought of myself in her position.  I thought of the heartbreak involved in letting go of things and persons that were essential in making her who she was for that part of her life.  This will undoubtably bring about a metamorphosis into the next stage of life.  I think good things will come from this – but like all things meaningful in our life it will take time.  The blessing part, as always, was talking to Nana.  Nana has led one of the most interesting lives of anyone I have known.  She has seen things that I have on my bucket list to see.  (Like the Lascaux Caves ) She is so full of awesome stories about her travels.  Part of me wishes she would write a memoir of her tales for the kids.

We came home with a treasury of books on sustainable living, gardening, herbs, runes, astrology, and loads of National Geographic videos.  These things may not excite you, but they certainly excite us.  I hope we give them as good of a home as Nana did and perhaps one day we will pass them on to someone else who is interested in the same.  Personally…I’m hoping it’s one of the kids….

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