Catching up…

**I had this post privated.  Originally it was posted October 10, 2011.  It was there to serve as a reminder of all the blogging I had to catch up on.  But I never did.  Winter has come and gone.  Instead of worrying about it I’m just going to carry on from here and hope I’ll be a little more regular with the posts.

It’s been an eventful summer which has left me with little time for writing.  It was VERY exciting and I have loads to go over.  Some things include the addition of chicks, a snake, a trip to Salem, MA and The Inernational Herb Symposium, summer wildcrafting…and…I’m sure I’m missing something!

Life has been full of surprises the last couple of months.  I’ve found myself re-evaluating friendships.  Some I’ve let go, others have sprung to life where I didn’t think it was possible.  I will say this: there are people in my life right now, a circle of women.  Not one of them know the other and all of them are of different faiths and ages.  Each of them is SO much alike though.  It makes me smile inside that friendships with these women all blossomed at the same time.  Right around the same time my garden was coming into full bloom.  Funny that.  I’m blessed.  So blessed.  I think of it sometimes and it boggles my mind.  Between friends, family, and daily life I have so much to be grateful for every. single. day.

It’s so late and it’s been a hectic weekend so I’ll bid the blog adieu and over the next week it’ll be update time 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving and many Harvest Blessings!


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