The Chicken Shack

We're hoping the ladies will like the patio doors (left wall) that daddyman lovingly added in for them...

So, the Man and I have been contemplating getting chickens (aka, the Ladies) for some time now that we have room for them.  We’ve been walking around the yard measuring things out and sizing things up.

We finally went out and picked up the supplies.  The Man is pretty handy and had a cute little house whipped up in no time.  In a couple weeks I’ll be leaving for the International Herb Symposium, so it is our plan to start the search for the ladies when I get back.  This promises to be a VERY exciting summer!  We picked up some grade C cedar shakes for the roof to give it a more mountainside look.  I was out of primer so I decided to use up some leftover paint as a first coat and I’ll paint over it later.  I’m pretty sure the Ladies aren’t going to mind it being a very pale shade of pink in the meantime, but you never know with those crazy hens!!!

I REALLY can’t wait to get the chickens now.  Even the kids are all excited so it’s like Christmas in the middle of summer!  Hooray for fresh eggs!  SQUEEEEE!

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