Damn You Craigslist!!!….and..uh..CHICKENS!

Lexi checks the new Ladies out...are they wards, or dinner?

It was a quiet morning around here.  Daddy and Aurora were having a nap and Quinn wanted to watch a movie.  So what’s a mommy to do?  Why check out Craigslist of course!  Now in truth I was checking out what kind of chickens were on Craigslist the day the chicken house was completed. What?  I couldn’t help it!  I had made a call to a lady in Hope a couple of days ago but had not heard back from her.  She had 16 available, so I was only going to take a few to get started.  You know, the practice chickens… Please note that I have NOT gone to the symposium yet.  It’s like we built the chicken shack and now chickens can’t wait!!!  But I digress… ‘lo and behold, the phone rang.  Now I just KNOW you can guess who it was.  You’re right!!! The lady from Hope!  So I jotted down her address on the first scrap piece of paper floating by I could see and was actually going to sneak out of the house with Sir Quinnigan.  Was.  Then I had the fleeting thought of “What if Lee is angry that I bought the chickens without him or he thinks I paid too much for them?”  It was a rather silly notion since Lee never really gets angry with me.  So I crept in the room and told him about the chickens.  Next thing I know we’ve got all the kids and the dog kennel packed into the van and we’re off to get some Ladies! YEAH Baby!!!  So what if I’m leaving for a conference tomorrow at the crack of dawn!

The Ladies check out their new home...

It turns out the nice lady only had nine hens remaining and a 13 week old rooster she’d give us for free if we took the rest of the hens.  Well twist my rubber arm!  So now as I’m writing this there are ten feathered creatures in the chicken run outside.  The kids LOVE them.  All of us do.  We pulled up the lawnchairs to watch the ladies explore the Shack and run, happily clucking away and picking on the rooster.  Honestly, it was more relaxing than watching a tank full of fish.  I think I’m going to be smashingly happy with having hens.  It also reminds me of when I was younger and my grandmas had chickens…

So far we’ve named the rooster Allister.  Allister Crowley, hehehe.  He isn’t quite filled out yet so he kind of blends in with the hens.  Luckily, he has bright yellow legs to tell him by, lol.  Seriously.  Really bright yellow!  There is also Daphne, Doreen, and Vivian.  The rest look too much alike to name at this point, lol.  I’m sure we’ll keep you updated on that.

Our FIRST egg!!!!

Now the lady that sold us the chickens warned us that it might be up to a week before we seen any eggs because apparently chickens get all nervous when they get moved and stop laying for a wee bit.  We were okay with this.  Quinn, not so much, lol.  As the sun was getting lower though I went out to see if all the ladies were safely tucked in and just LOOK what I found!!! Our first egg!!! And we’ve only had them a few hours!  Really.  BEYOND excited!!! OH SQUEEEEE!  I got to see the first egg before I left for a week.  Let me tell you, that was a “I’m-so-excited-I-could-just-explode” moment.  Yes.  It.  Was.  Here…take a gander *wink*  Pure.  Bliss.

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